Services Overview

We help students fully realize their potential in the application process by preparing them for the standardized testing and the essay writing portions required for admission.

Standardized Testing Preparation Services


We are experts at the ACT and the redesigned SAT, coaching students of varying needs and abilities. We have a regular point increase of 330 points on average.

The tutor designs a customized and strategic weekly plan leading up to the exam that engages and empowers the student. We prepare students through full-length mock exams that build our students’ test-taking confidence.

Students swear by The Butler Method International for Reading Comprehension because it helps them synthesize and accurately answer the Reading Comprehension questions on the Critical Reading section.

We offer strategic Math preparation for the Math section that targets problem areas and point-building strategies. Our famous “blitz” sessions of hard math questions are renowned for helping students familiarize themselves with the concepts that will help them nail the more difficult questions of the SAT and ACT.

Our vast supply of well-chosen material is more challenging than any other materials you will find on the tutoring market. These materials help students build confidence that puts them in control when they arrive at the exam.

Subject Tests

The Butler Method International offers tutoring in the following subjects:

– Math Levels 1 & 2
– Literature
– Biology
– Chemistry
– Physics
– Latin
– French
– Spanish
– US History
– World History

AP Exams

The Butler Method International offers tutoring in the following Advanced Placement courses:

– US History
– Calculus AB/BC
– English Literature
– English Language & Composition
– Chemistry
– Physics
– Biology
– European History
– Spanish
– French

School Subjects

The Butler Method International has experience working with students in coursework, particularly students who have taken time off from school due to illness or because of extra-curricular commitments. We are able to provide leadership and guidance on a comprehensive school subject program to keep a student on track for success.

Please contact us for more information on school subject tutoring.

SSAT/ISEE Tutoring

Butler Method International tutors work with students to prepare rigorously for the SSAT/ISEE. We work with these students to build their confidence as test takers and to recommend a specific approach for reading and math questions. Our students consistently score in the 90th percentile or above and are regularly admitted to top secondary schools.


Butler Method International has had great success working with students on their GMAT and GRE for graduate school. Our GMAT and GRE prep is customized for the student, to take into account professional workloads. Our strategy is an intensive approach to the GMAT and GRE in order to maximize performance on test day.

Application Advisory Services

As soon as Matt's team is engaged, we set to work strategizing with the family and building the student's profile from academic and personal perspectives. All of our students become competitive candidates at top colleges and universities.

How do we do it?

Butler Method International integrates the student’s total applicant profile into one dynamic message, drawing on everything about the student that awakens the student’s aspirations.

Beginning with foundational conversations about what is important to the student’s academic experience, Butler proceeds to a goal-setting phase and then a process of realizing those goals through rigorous test preparation and thoughtful analysis of the student’s profile.

Matt advises on college visits and the college admissions process as it pertains to the student. Through regular advising sessions, Butler utilizes a holistic approach, seeking opportunities for a fulfilling high school experience and top-level application.

Student will begin writing application essays with Butler in the months prior to the start of senior year. Butler mentors student on writing in a personal voice and will discuss, brainstorm, edit and revise all written work for submission in applications. These applications drafted and ready to show School Counselor by early September of senior year.

They will work on all applications, including Early and Regular admissions schools. Butler also prepares student for interviews with college administrators, professors, alumni, etc. In the event student is deferred or waitlisted, Butler will take further strategic steps to engage with the school/s to which student is most interested in attending.